Sunday, July 5, 2009

Honey Mustard Sauce

Tonight we had some coconut fried chicken for dinner. It was nothing to rave about (although, as usual, Mark thought it was awesome), but the honey mustard sauce that I invented was actually quite tasty! Hubby said it was something spesh! I didn't take a picture, but it just looks like honey, but creamier. This recipe makes wayyyyy more than you need for 2 people.


  • ~2 Tblspns mayonnaise
  • Honey (I just poured a lot in the bowl... probably nearly double the amount of mayo)
  • a big squirt of mustard (maybe a couple of teaspoons)

What you do:

Stir all the ingredients together really well! I think it would probably be good with some shake and bake chicken (will post a recipe in the future).

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